Sunday, February 3, 2013

Russian barracks modeled!

Hanging around and drinking hot today morning's tea, I finalized the bear warriors training center Russian barracks - your #1 building after the Command Center. What can it do? Obviously it trains troops if you play Russia. It also can look good and be a good present for your kids or something.
Mind that Barracks in our game produce ligth vehicles along with infantry: so take note if you want to build those fancy jeeps with rocket-launchers, you still need this building. And we still need to skin it.

BTW, check out the older version:
Russian barracks: beta version
Although it looks kinda similar, the older one looked "less Russian" and had no specialized exit for motorized vehicles (so I had to make that ridiculous "pool" in the pavement to act as underground hatch for vehicles).
I hope you agree that sometimes small changes matter :p

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