Monday, April 1, 2013

Rogue Farm!

Hello, dear Rogue Republic fans. Due to the fact that violent games (even as 'violent' as Generals) are traditionally banned in Germany and the fact that my girlfriend commented screenshots from my game by "War - is bad", we, after little hesitation, decided to turn it into a peaceful farming challenge!

Raise mighty farmlands, build formidable harvesters, train an army of sheep! Crush you opponents with suing them to Eurocomission and sending locusts swarms (yes, god powers will be also available when your farm starts bringing more and more money to bribe bureaucrats and then God Himself).

 Also there are two tech trees. You can develop as a Good Farm and have access to harvesters, tractors, crop planes, cows, the notorious magic Milka cows, talking cows or as an Evil Farm, sending potato beetles, aliens and Eurocomission inspectors on your opponents! You can even raise a mighty army of man-eating Chernobyl mutant donkeys or hire drunk rednecks on pickups!
 Premium subscribers can also play as North Korean farm - which cultivates nukes instead of wheat and then the UN delivers food to it itself!

 Whenever you're going to visit your granny in the village (or in case you are a granny in the village yourself) - tell her about Rogue Farm, the must-have for any hardcore gaming farmer!

This day we fight harvest!

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