Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hi, hairy dudes and slick girls, I returned from a business trip from Turkey and so the development goes further. To begin I post a small update at once!

The project 941 (NATO code: Typhoon) with its length of 175 m is the biggest submarine class in the world, owing its size to bulky R-39 ballisctic missiles. Along with "Satan" missiles, Typhoons were the most important asset of the Soviet nuclear triade.
Partially scrapped, partially disarmed, the fate of the most dangerous submarines of the world was on verge in the 90's with plans either to continue to scrap the remaining subs or to convert them to merchant ships. Finally, shortly before the outbreak of war with EU and Turan, the remaining Typhoons were converted into cruise missile submarines and went in their last quest to destroy the EU fleet stationed at Scapa Flow.

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