Sunday, May 5, 2013

Central Asia: conquest

The seemingly endless stepees of Central Asia, in older times - the great Mongol Empire ... the drums of war are heard here again.

Though both the Ottoman and Mongol empires failed, the architects of the new Great Turan are sure their superpower will last much longer. The control of the Earth's depleting petroleum resources and and manpower of whoel Central Asia will give the Turanian nation an upper hand against whole Europe.

The invasion of Central Asia will be also a test how much the weakened Russia is going to defend its interestes.

In 1994 Turkey annexed the war-torn Azerbaijan and installed a puppet dictator in another ex-Soviet nation of Turkmenistan (now renamed Dzungaria). Kazakhstan allied itself with Russia, Uzbekistan declared its full neutrality, but it didn't help. In 1995 Turkish-allied Dzungaria used biological weaponry on Uzbekistan's crop field, sparkling economic breakdown and famine in this country.

Uzbekistan was quickly turning into a wasteland. Knowing the perpetrator of the biological attack and believing the Dzungarian army to be little of existing - the Uzbek president declared war on Dzungaria to cease its gas resources. But to no avail - in less than two month join Dzungarian-Turkish forces pushed Uzbek army and US mercenaries out of Dzungarian borders and turned to Uzbek capital city of Tashkent.

Uzbek goverment controls now less than 40% of the country, the remainder is now annexed by the recently delcared Union of Turkic nations - Great Turan. Meanwhile, seeking simultaneously to overthrow the Kazakhstan's dictatorship, Turanic High command launchs operation "Atilla" - tens of thousands of Kazakhstan citizens protest against the Kazakhstan goverment, the country is one the verge of Civil war between pro-Turanic and loyalist forces.

Kazakhstan goverment calls emergency for Russian intervention, Uzbekistan goverment seeks EU defense. Will the old ex-Soviet regimes hold on or is it faith for the whole Central Asia to enter Great Turan? If Great Turan achieves its objective, it will have the unlimited masses of manpower, Soviet technological facilities, unmeasurable gas volumes and most important - Baikonur space facility. Meanwhile, the Chinese dragon seemingly sleeps.

The fate of Europe will be largely decided by the fate of Central Asia!


  1. You're making everything sound so wrong, Turan is not about conquering the world or Europe or Soviet Union, it's about Turkic nations who are currently separated to join together, and the people opposing them aren't the nationalists or "loyalists" they're islamists, islam forbids nationalism, so they hate the idea of Turan, or any other nation. That is why ISIS has declared Syria and Iran border to be false, that there are no borders between muslims, no nations, because they want to make an islamic nation, not divide islam by different nations. And there are many muslims in all those countries, but there are also Tengri Turks, who defy islam, and want to return to the old Turkish ways, no terrorism, no extremism, they don't want islam they just want their land back. Also to your information, Turks were forced to become muslims by genocide. And there are some of us that still remember the 2 genocides Talkan and Curcan. where thousands of Turks were slaughtered by muslims in order to make them muslim. If you don't like the idea of returning to our origins and being free of extremists then tough, because you obviously follow wrong ideologies.

  2. And I don't know where you got that flag, I think you made that up yourself, because the flag of Turan is this

    I think you need to learn about us before you make these judgements, a lot of your information is misleading and provocative.

    And for your information:
    THE CRESCENT in Turkish culture (including the one on our current flag) symbolises the old ambush technique, "the crescent". Which would be made of one smaller and one larger part of the army, the smaller team of troops would be sent forward from the middle ground to get the attention of the enemy, while the rest stay hidden out of sight. Once the enemy saw the small number of Turks and started charging, the middle team would retreat, or FAKE their retreat (in most cases they would fight for a while before retreating, giving the impression of being overwhelmed). The enemy then would think that the Turks were fleeing, while the rest of the troops would patiently wait for the perfect time to start circling the enemy. At the perfect time the Turkish troops would rush out and start circling the charging enemy, making a crescent shape. This technique was very effective because almost 100% of Turkish troops would be on horseback (at some points in history, they were 100% horsemen). And with this technique the Turks gained most of their territory throughout Asia and Europe, which is why it's such a symbolic technique especially for the Turks. The symbol of islam which is also a crescent was put in place by the Ottoman Turks, who also used this symbol, and were (after defeating all muslim nations) the head of all muslims, so they made the crescent also the symbol of islam, which you see today.
    THE WOLF a mythologic creature in ancient Turkish history, you can find the details with a quick research, also the symbol on the flag of first nation to oficially call themselves Turks, the "GokTurk Empire". Gok means Sky, Turks used to believe in the kok tengri (gok tanri) back then which means Sky God, hence the colour blue.