Saturday, June 1, 2013

Belarus: Crossroads

"For many year the Republic of Belarus, a small remnant of the true spirit of USSR, kept itself isolated trying not to be caught itself in a conflict between East and West. Doing his best at keeping the nation's neutrality the Eternal President of Belarus rejected to enter Intermarium unlike the neighboring Ukraine.

Neither did Belarus supported Russian intervention in Georgia.

"Our nation is too small and our mineral resources are too negligible to become a target of military aggression for any foreign power!" - said the Eternal President of the East European country.

However the small kingdom of tranquility is doomed to be broken soon. Unknown powers decided to destabilize the island of neutrality in Europe.

During the one of a many pre-determined presidential elections in this country large crowds of Belarusian nationalists attacked government offices, burned shops, attacked cars.

The pace of events was many similar to the fall of Ceasescu of Socialist Romania and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. The loots lasted for several days, until the army took part in quelling the Nationalist attacks.
Of the neighboring countries the most supportive to the Nationalist case was Latvia, who not only supplied weapons for the rebels, but allocated several German-made Eurofighter jets to the newly-created "Free Belarus Army".

Seeking any possibilities to save the regime the Eternal President of Belarus sent a request of help to Russia and Intermarium. Intermarium replied first.Fearing that the conflict may escalate beyond Belarus, member nations of Intermarium for their first time decided to convene a military action. Intermarian jets entered the airspace of Belarus to ensure the safety of the border with Latvia and bomb nationalist positions. If the nationalist revolution spares Belarus - the President promised to enter Intermarium. However it's difficult to extinguish a fire which is flamed from outside. The only action which can now safely bring peace back to Belarus - will be the bombing of EU airbases in Latvia, which will be a clearly an act of war with the European Union..."
"And now, let's turn back to our arsenal commander.
The old-school heavy armored attackers which have eaten so many German tanks in WW2 are back in fashion again: this time when your pain in the ass are insurgents or light regiments not covered with heavy air support. Nothing can talk them to peace better with them as a pair of persuasive Kh-29 precision air-to-surface rockets. Just love the Su-25 as it loves you.

When things get extremely dizzy and when the Motherland is in danger, we call Tu-404 "Igarka"superbombers previously stationed at Russian Far East for defense against Japan. Tu-404 is our last best hope to win the war without the use of nukes: the Father of all Bombs has a power not much fewer. The development of the plane lasted from the collapse of the Soviet Union camoflaged as a supersonic passenger planes. Ha-ha, those fools really believe that such big researches could be done just for some useless passenger plane!"

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