Saturday, June 8, 2013

IAR-80X 'Tankbuster'

In the founding days of Intermarium, the EU tried to instigate an insurgency in the Republic of Belarus. Although heavily supported with money and weaponry, neverthless the attempt of unseating Luka wasn't successful. Unlike unprepared armies of Libya and Syria, Belarusian military responded the insurgency not with unfiting for this role tanks, but highly trained special forces and specifically designed counter-insurgency planes based on older WW2 designs.
The experience wasn't forgotten and lately Intermarium mass-produced and highly advanced (as for a propeller plane) and armed warplane efficent in taking out anti-Intermarium guerillas.
Recently the attacker was fitted with advanced weapon systems from retired Soviet warplanes, rumors are spreading that Luka sees himself now as the next Russian president and ressurector of the Soviet Empire - tensions continue to rise in the swamps and forests of Belarus.
The construction of Intermarium's own military industry is continuing.

Polesia is the biggest marsh region of Europe, comprising the territories of Ukraine, Belarus and eastern Poland. It is the territory where the anti-German partisan movement of WW2 was the most active and harsh and the territory where the Soviet made a suprise offensive "Operation Bagration" on Nazi Germany in 1944.
Superheavy tanks like "Bastion" and "le Sphynx" hardly can be used in this area.

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