Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What is Rogue Republic?

 From this day on, we (developers of the Rogue Republic indie RTS videogame) are going to highlight our development events, lazy progress, thoughts on this world (and just photos with our puppies) in this ass-kicking blog. To give your a maximum feel of ass-kicking (and just to warn you), this page will be different from our moddb profile, facebook page and official site in matters such as we are going to post here almost anything: not just huge screenshots with 50 new units and 5 Gb of description text, but just thoughts, ideas and etc.
 Treat it as developers' collective journal on the progress.

example of our unit done
 And for those who still doesn't know what is Rogue Republic, I'll make a presentation in a form of FAQ:

 - What is Rogue Republic?
ingame screenies

Rogue Republic (short form - RR or 2R) is a indie-game grown out of mod, developed by enthusiasts from several countries. RR is a RTS game, means is till bear more or less similarities to such titles as Command & Conquer (Generals), StarCraft and Company of Heroes, though a large deal of ideas are of our own.

 In the game you will build and command armies, capture cities and of course it wouldn't have been fun without the possibility to loot enemy's army and base in a steady tank-rush or victory through air power. It began as a brainchild of me, P. Ilves (aka AL_Hassan), a short time after a modeler from Romania CTLN7 joined to help my efforts and currently several more people share our ideas and efforts. If you heard something about Photoshop, 3ds max  and willing to help us - you're welcome!

- Why do you make this game?
We all take part in this solely by the power of our enthusiastim and belief that we can design an RTS game better than before :)

 - What's special in Rogue Republic?
first naval unit ingame
There's no short way to answer this sort of question, because our design doc consists from dozens of pages and I don't know what's more or less important there :P In general, we were all big RTS fans and dreamed for a better modern-warfare RTS, with things such as:
  •  fun naval battles
  • army customization
  • lots of sides available
  • really immersing universe, not a generic tale about special forces vs. terrorists
  • buttload of different and unique units available

...And lots of other things to say it short :) This message is first, but not last so stay tuned on, we will highlight these and other aspects more detailedly in each next message.

- What is the RR's storyline?
The game takes place in an alternative reality, set in 90's, where the collapse of several global powers creates a sudden vacuum of power, which is going to be virulently filled by the nascent regional powers and the wars which will accompany this shift of power.

If you really like RTS games such as C&C, Generals, you surely won't get bored with us, so stay tuned and let's discuss together building a game of our dream.