Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Russian update, anybody?

Though these models were done a while ago, I think it's time to show them to the world:

First is the magnificient Hind: a never getting old gunship. The model was done by me (and upgraded several times) ages ago first time when I developed a pet mod about Cold War. Then it survived to my previous project Dark Summer'96. It has finally found it's happiness (and texture) in Rogue Republic.

The most modern tank Russia currently possesses - T-90MS, is the latest incarnation of the undying T-72 concept. Reaaally detailed model - took several weeks to make it as detailed and accurate as possible (esp. taking into notice, no blueprints of the tank are publicly available).

Man, you still lack a helipad and a tank factory to build both of these. Wait next time for our fancy building update.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Russian barracks modeled!

Hanging around and drinking hot today morning's tea, I finalized the bear warriors training center Russian barracks - your #1 building after the Command Center. What can it do? Obviously it trains troops if you play Russia. It also can look good and be a good present for your kids or something.
Mind that Barracks in our game produce ligth vehicles along with infantry: so take note if you want to build those fancy jeeps with rocket-launchers, you still need this building. And we still need to skin it.

BTW, check out the older version:
Russian barracks: beta version
Although it looks kinda similar, the older one looked "less Russian" and had no specialized exit for motorized vehicles (so I had to make that ridiculous "pool" in the pavement to act as underground hatch for vehicles).
I hope you agree that sometimes small changes matter :p