Saturday, June 29, 2013

EU Tank destroyer (WIP)

Comes in three upgrade version: gun, railgun and a plasmagun
(Tracked variant shown)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two renders more

These models you may have already seen before, but this time you get a clearer view on them + a few tune ups were made since then.
Even if you are in a heavily armored assault helicopter - the presence of a second fellow near you will make you feel more confident.

"Usage of our experimental model of stealth drone may locate the insurgents’ positions without getting us undisclosed."

Sunday, June 23, 2013

EU Leclerc (WIP)

Yes, we had a model already, but it kinda sucked.... so meet the Leclerc from scratch!
By Mustafa Nasih

Friday, June 21, 2013

EU Harrier III

by Sarge_Rho

FX.3A Sea Harrier

The Harrier was intended to be replaced by the newer F-35, however with endless delays, budgets overruns and 10 new problems for every solved one, the UK decided to abandon the program, and instead refit the existing Sea Harriers to the FX.3A version each at the fraction of the cost of a Lightning II.

The FX.3A variant features of a cyclotron plasma beam cannon, omnidirectional LIDAR sensors and a CAPTOR-X AESA radar. It's powered by a Rolls-Royce Pegasus II engine, which is essentially a Pegasus engine rebuilt with the latest materials. Additionally, the hull has a radar signature reducing shape.

The result is one of the most advanced strike fighter in the world.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ka-52s in a hunt

A pair of Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter are hunting for insurgents in the marshland

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dictator sketches (WIP)

Some exclusive stuff from our new concept artist - cgbowser, sketches of a dictator of one of the sides of the conflict.

Monday, June 17, 2013

EU Advanced Harrier (WIP)

The old Harrier is refurbished again to spread democracy and human rights using laser-guided bombs and stealth technology!

By SargeRho

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Battle for Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad oblast, Russian enclave
Year 2

Kaliningrad – the pearl of the Baltic sea, before the end of World War II known as Koenigsberg – capital of East Prussia, now is a stronghold of Russia in the heart of Western world. Who controls Koenigsberg – control the Baltic. No matter how strong is the Baltic division of European Colonial Fleet, still with Russian haven and military base in Kaliningrad European naval power is extremely vulnerable and can’t reinforce Estonia in case of invasion. Not mentioning the Russian Iskander-M missiles which threaten the whole European anti-ICBM shield. Supplemented with some European politicians’ demand for returning back the once European lands and hopes that the surrender of Kaliningrad will provide much needed support for the Russian pro-democratic movement, the green light for the invasion of the city-stronghold was given.

June of year 2 (since the beginning of war): the siege of Kaliningrad\Koenigsberg has begun. Few in Kaliningrad did expect that to happen except a handful of young navy captains.

Under the pretext of preventing a Russian invasion in Estonia, European heavy Type 45 destroyers escorted by le Fantasque submarines began the firing at military installations and docked ships in the city. Russian defenders replied with Iskander-M launches at European ships and military bases in Denmark and Germany. Though the Russian naval inventory at Kaliningrad was heavily outdated, the attackers lost a single Type 45 destroyer, 3 FREMM frigates and a number of smaller vessels. However the defending fleet also suffered heavy losses.
Day 5 of the blockade: now it’s the time for taking out the fearsome S-300 sites. The Europeans were afraid to use conventional airpower extensively knowing about the heavy anti-air facilities in the city. However EU has not yet shown its most impressive weapon: Eurofighter 3000 Hurricane jets able to avoid most known SAM sites and having almost no equal competitor in the skies. Except just one: Russian Sukhoi Su-50, known to the West as “Firefox”. Several days before the siege has begun Russian navy captains requested a squadron of Su-50s to enforce the Kaliningrad defending force. The battle in the sea is over and the battle for the skies has just began.
Eurofighter 3000 Hurricane

Russian 5th generation squadron

Like the wind

Eurofighter Hurricane paint schemes

Saturday, June 8, 2013

IAR-80X 'Tankbuster'

In the founding days of Intermarium, the EU tried to instigate an insurgency in the Republic of Belarus. Although heavily supported with money and weaponry, neverthless the attempt of unseating Luka wasn't successful. Unlike unprepared armies of Libya and Syria, Belarusian military responded the insurgency not with unfiting for this role tanks, but highly trained special forces and specifically designed counter-insurgency planes based on older WW2 designs.
The experience wasn't forgotten and lately Intermarium mass-produced and highly advanced (as for a propeller plane) and armed warplane efficent in taking out anti-Intermarium guerillas.
Recently the attacker was fitted with advanced weapon systems from retired Soviet warplanes, rumors are spreading that Luka sees himself now as the next Russian president and ressurector of the Soviet Empire - tensions continue to rise in the swamps and forests of Belarus.
The construction of Intermarium's own military industry is continuing.

Polesia is the biggest marsh region of Europe, comprising the territories of Ukraine, Belarus and eastern Poland. It is the territory where the anti-German partisan movement of WW2 was the most active and harsh and the territory where the Soviet made a suprise offensive "Operation Bagration" on Nazi Germany in 1944.
Superheavy tanks like "Bastion" and "le Sphynx" hardly can be used in this area.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Intermarian logo: sketch

Our concept artist Yeshua spends not an easy hour fighting the battle for an awesome Intermarium logo.
Reminder for those who were inside the tanks: Intermarium is a multi-national federation composed of Eastern European countries with historical roots to Kievan Rus', Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and most importantly - Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth.

Needless to say it's not an easy task to derive a single logo symbolizing so many countries with their own traditions of national pride, so remember this logo! The final version may bear 0% similarity with this one.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Intermarian attacker concept

By our request the famous TheXHS has drawn us an Intermarian ground attack plane!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Su-50 "Firefox"

previously known as Sukhoi PAK FA or T-50 or the Russian Raptor!

model by: me
skin: CTLN7

Belarus: Crossroads

"For many year the Republic of Belarus, a small remnant of the true spirit of USSR, kept itself isolated trying not to be caught itself in a conflict between East and West. Doing his best at keeping the nation's neutrality the Eternal President of Belarus rejected to enter Intermarium unlike the neighboring Ukraine.

Neither did Belarus supported Russian intervention in Georgia.

"Our nation is too small and our mineral resources are too negligible to become a target of military aggression for any foreign power!" - said the Eternal President of the East European country.

However the small kingdom of tranquility is doomed to be broken soon. Unknown powers decided to destabilize the island of neutrality in Europe.

During the one of a many pre-determined presidential elections in this country large crowds of Belarusian nationalists attacked government offices, burned shops, attacked cars.

The pace of events was many similar to the fall of Ceasescu of Socialist Romania and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. The loots lasted for several days, until the army took part in quelling the Nationalist attacks.
Of the neighboring countries the most supportive to the Nationalist case was Latvia, who not only supplied weapons for the rebels, but allocated several German-made Eurofighter jets to the newly-created "Free Belarus Army".

Seeking any possibilities to save the regime the Eternal President of Belarus sent a request of help to Russia and Intermarium. Intermarium replied first.Fearing that the conflict may escalate beyond Belarus, member nations of Intermarium for their first time decided to convene a military action. Intermarian jets entered the airspace of Belarus to ensure the safety of the border with Latvia and bomb nationalist positions. If the nationalist revolution spares Belarus - the President promised to enter Intermarium. However it's difficult to extinguish a fire which is flamed from outside. The only action which can now safely bring peace back to Belarus - will be the bombing of EU airbases in Latvia, which will be a clearly an act of war with the European Union..."
"And now, let's turn back to our arsenal commander.
The old-school heavy armored attackers which have eaten so many German tanks in WW2 are back in fashion again: this time when your pain in the ass are insurgents or light regiments not covered with heavy air support. Nothing can talk them to peace better with them as a pair of persuasive Kh-29 precision air-to-surface rockets. Just love the Su-25 as it loves you.

When things get extremely dizzy and when the Motherland is in danger, we call Tu-404 "Igarka"superbombers previously stationed at Russian Far East for defense against Japan. Tu-404 is our last best hope to win the war without the use of nukes: the Father of all Bombs has a power not much fewer. The development of the plane lasted from the collapse of the Soviet Union camoflaged as a supersonic passenger planes. Ha-ha, those fools really believe that such big researches could be done just for some useless passenger plane!"