Monday, December 16, 2013

Russian re-skinned units

After a while we came to a thought that our previous skins became outdated, so now the Russian faction will look like this:

MiG-29 and its upgraded derivations is the main Russian fighter during the Ostlavia conflict. The governmental crisis led to shutdown of the previous highly-capable Ostslav air-defense and hence alowed to establish air control under areas of Russian interest.
A little update of my old Tunguska skin, here it comes in a refurbished new Russian style.
The Tunguska anti-aircraft artillery comes in Rogue Republic in many fashions depending on the customization upgrade: it can transform as far as anti-missile umbrella for your army or a specialized urban combat tank support vehicle.

The top new BMP-4 'Kurgan' has just arrived to replace the aging zoo of BMP-1, BMP-2 and BMP-3!
Equipped with heavy all-round armor and anti-infantry protection systems - the Kurgan puts the RPG guy back behind in the evolutionary stage. Only the EU Panzerfaust-3 can be a proper math for BMP-4's armor.
The armament of BMP-4 is specialized to remove soft threats such as enemy infantry, light vehicles and fortified infantry, but the absence of anti-tank missiles make it defenseless against enemy tanks.
The large cupola on the BMP-4 roof acts as both a radar and active defense systems destroying lighter missiles and nearby hostile infantry.
A group of 40 BMP-4s aided by anti-tank and anti-air cover can invade a whole country like Georgia, which will be proven in fact later.

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